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The Wellness Dose was born with the goal of simplifying your everyday health, with an integrative approach to wellness coaching and personalized non-toxic product consulting.

Our mission

TWD strives to enhance your daily life through easy, lasting improvements across nutrition, clean product selection, fitness and stress reduction. We’re 100% committed to helping you identify and customize individualized strategies so you can live your healthiest self. This means no inflexible rules.

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How It Works

Meet Samantha

The Wellness Dose was created by Samantha Field, a certified holistic health coach based in New York. Samantha has been active in the health and wellness industry over the last decade. She previously led brand partnership development for a leading wellness center. Samantha has seen first-hand the power of healing and feeling her best through holistic health.

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Elevated wellness

The health and wellness space can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming. TWD believes that small, incremental changes can have a meaningful impact on the way you look and feel. You don’t have to change who you are to elevate your everyday wellness.


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